Strong-Willed and Free-natured, Appleseed lives in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities within his own head. He doesn’t mind that he may be ever the only one to which it makes sense. Ponies who don't know him may very see his... “unique” view of life and chalk it up to carefree naivety or just plain weirdness. To the contrary, Appleseed actually takes life quite seriously, even if it be at his own pace in his own manner. Beyond the calm, stoic attitude often given upon first impression, he is constantly gathering specific information to let it sit for a while and shift through his value systems, searching for clarification on some underlying meaning. However, this tends to happen internally on a spontaneous basis, knowing things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, nor with too much detailed knowledge of whatever subject is currently at hand. If a conclusion seems right after contemplation, then for all intents a purposes he can and will assume it is. Whether he’s right or whether he jumps the gun matters not until proved otherwise and believes in no such thing as “compromising ideals.”

Rarely will he actually be keeping step with himself, and he may or may not understand this -- at least not to a level which he can verbalize -- making his choices seem stubborn and disorganised, and his trust in his decisions can appear arrogant. Because of this, he has learned to be a bit more protective of his beliefs, sharing what he chooses to share and when she chooses to do so. This masking of learned introversion over any natural extroversion does no favours against being misinterpreted and may make him seem inconsistent at times. But if somepony sees where he's coming from they could find themselves easily accepted and discover Appleseed capable of genuine warmth dispite his unintentionally aloof act, though he is more likely to show affections through actions, not words.