Cast of CharactersEdit

Group A (biweekly Thursdays, 6PM GMT-7)Edit

pickled_octopus plays Dark Aether, a unicorn cleric of Luna who seeks the cause of all the turmoil and tragedy that has befallen Equestria.

floutsy plays Dusky Eyes, a pegasus pony who seeks to avenge his father's death at the talons of the Griffon Hegemony.

Pinkie_Pi plays Frostfire, a unicorn pony with a talent for elemental magic who is sworn to the Ordinum Novum.

Apple_Snacks plays Oakhoof, an accomplished earth pony blacksmith who travels the Equestrian wilderness selling his fine weapons and armor.

BlueTurtleBrony plays Cookie Crumble, an earth pony from a well-to-do family in Fillydelphia who has moved to Ponyville for reasons of her own.

Michael Ferrell plays Shining Sol, an earth pony paladin.

Hero_Protagonist plays Maple Threeleaf, an earth pony oracle of the wood mystery, undergoing pilgrimage to find what it is she is supposed to become.

Join them as they explore the Equestrian wilderness!

Group B (biweekly Saturdays, 11AM GMT-7)Edit

Moabite plays Wander, an earth pony archaelogist who seeks to discover ancient ruins that may hold clues to the past.

Thecursed plays Flora, a unicorn who has spent most of her life in a village in the Whitetail Woods.

imnotashinobi plays Heavy Heart, a unicorn oracle who seeks to cure Equestria of its ills; ills Heavy Heart has come to know intimately...

Dragonblade629 plays Eagle Eye, a unicorn detective of no small water.

Galdion plays Apple Cider, a unicorn fighter and member of the Iron Guard, the protector of the downtrodden.