Cerulean Shield

Entry #1

It seems I may finally have the means to move my quest forward. After a fruitless weak at the embassy washing socks I had turned up no leads, not even from that secretary who wouldn’t stop hitting on me. I tried going out and fighting those who were doing evil on my own, but there were simply too many here. It was impractical, not helping.

Then I remembered a quote form somepony famous, whose name escapes me. “Evil out in the open is just evil from within let out.” Rather than attack those doing evil, I had to attack what was driving them to do evil. What was their motivation?

Hell if I know. A lot of the griffins I went after seemed to be connected to someone higher up, someone in charge. I still had no idea where to go, until some travellers stopped by the embassy. They were different than most ponies coming through griffin territory. Most had a dagger or something similarly small for self defence, but these ponies were armed to the teeth. They seemed like they knew something about what was going on, so i joined them.

It was an indisputably good move. After only a day with them I’d done more to further harmony then I had in a week on my own, or a month with the legion. I think I have a bright future with these guys, whether or not Scootaloo is with them.

~Cerulean Shield

Entry #2

SO MUCH EVIL TO DESTROY. Oh god I love these guys, they attract the negative element like lambs to my slaughter. Why just today I killed two changelings, one of which was posing as the king of this griffin city! I FEEL SO ALIVE.

Although I need to have Appleseed get rid of that book. That book is freaking evil, first chance I’m getting I’m going to smash it. I will not stand for such an evil artefact. The fact that he'd keep such a thing is an insult to my principles, and I cannot allow it to corrupt him. It's time to either convince him, or force him to abandon it.

~Cerulean Shield