Cookie Crumble was born into a wealthy family in the city of Fillydelphia. She has a younger sister by the name of Crumpet, who was the source of most of the information for this article. Cookie discovered a talent for baking at a young age, prompting her parents to force her into cooking school as soon as she earned her cutie mark.


Artist's Rendition

Crumpet was highly jealous of her sister because of this, having always wanted to be baker herself. Cookie however hated it and felt opressed by her parents, and began to sneak off into the nighto liva second life as a thief and adventurer. Only Crumpet knew about this at the time.

When Crumpet became a noble, following in her parents' hoofsteps, Cookie felt betrayed and disowned her family. She chose to steal some money from her parents and disappear into the night, gaining a reputation as an infamous rogue.

Cookie is a very headstrong, although sometimes foolish, pony. To her, the best path to a solution is always the most direct, often at a cost to those travelling with her. She resents working with other rogues. She is confident in her belief that she is the best at what she does and that other rogues will only get in her way. She is also a talented trapfinder and fighter, and although she often forgets to think before acting, she can get herself out of almost every situation.

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