Dusky Eyes is a brown and tan pegasus from Cloudsdale. He proudly holds a cutie mark of a bow and arrow, displaying his talent with a bow and arrow. He comes from a rather shattered family. His mother walked out on them when Dusky was at a young age, and his father passed away at the talons of a gryphon during the attacks by the Hegemony.

Leaving his job at the cloud factory, the pegasus has tasked himself with cleansing the land and returning it to the harmony that once existed so long ago. He holds a serious grudge against gryphons, even though he knows very little about the death of his father. He considers every gryphon he has ever seen as an evil and unjust creature.

Dusky can be a little overly serious at times, but deep down has a good heart. He has never had any real friends or been shown much kindness in his youth besides from his now deceased father. In his travels, he has spent much time in forests and rugged areas and has become used to sleeping outside, and actually prefers to at this point. Nature is the pegasus's escape from his worries.

Everywhere he travels, he gives from himself what he can, let that be time or bits. He feels the need to keep little for himself as he can survive well on his own. He especially enjoys putting on aerial marksman shows for the townspeople to brighten their days with his stunts. He usually does not like to stay in one place long enough to form any serious attachment to anypony in particular. He became dangerously close (or at least he uses those words to justify it in his own head) to another pegasus mare, Stormy Weather, when he was last in Fillydelphia, and tries his best to avoid that town as much as possible these days. He knows that with his plans ahead of him, he can only bring worry and hurt to those he gets too close to.