Honor Bourne is a paladin of Rainbow Dash. He is agile, even with weighty armor, and quick in the air.

He is also a very charismatic and attractive pony, who likes to keep his true strength a secret.

When just a young foal, he saw his mother, brothers and father murdered by the griffon invasion of Cloudsdale. He swore at that time to do all that he could to rid the land of their scourge.

Orphaned by the war, and with nopony left to turn to, he limped to the Temple of Awesome in Cloudsdale. There, he was taken in by the monks of the goddess Rainbow Dash, who heard of his quest and trained him to be a strong and brave fighter.

One night during Honor's watch, the Temple was attacked by mercenaries from a rogue griffon tribe, expecting the gilded structure to be easy pickings for looting. The pegasus wrenched a ceremonial axe off of the wall and lay waste to the intruders. By the time the other monks and paladins had awoken, there was nothing left but bodies. A symbol of an axe dripping with the blood of his enemies appeared on his flank.

When he reached the age of stallionhood, Honor Bourne enlisted in the army of Cloudsdale, expecting the civil unrest on the ground to cause another outbreak of war with the griffons at any moment. However, when the Sky Republic was formed and the peaceful trade treaty with the Griffon nation signed, his plans for revenge were thwarted. His days were spent training, marching, flying drills, and standing guard over the city.

For reasons known only to him, he suddenly resigned his post and flew down to the ground to seek adventure (It might have to do with a bloody barfight that would have marred his reputation as a soldier). Despite his committment to loyalty, he felt that his committment to his mission was more important than his commmitment to his city. One day, though, he may return.

He entered the wasteland and joined the newly-formed Equestrian Crusade, in which he reveled in the thrill of bloodlust and the eradication of evil from the land.

However, just now, with the disappearance of the leadership of the Crusaders, he found himself stranded in the town of New Saddle, awaiting orders from his commanding officers. He has bits for a few more days of subsistence, but will have to find some other form of employment if the Crusdade continues to struggle financially.