Karma 4th wall

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Karma is a Unicorn pony with a rather strange background. She is a descendent from the Reddit family, a strange group of Unicorns who have anetennes instead of horns, and the power to control Upvote and Downvote energy, manipulating them to create a unique subschool of magic called Balance. There are also some rumors that Karma's ancestors may have come from another planet, though no pony knows for sure.

Karma as grown up as Pinkie Pie as her idol, and her personality is quite similar to hers. She is cheerful, extremely optimistic, and easily gets distracted by her curiousity. She decided to take the path of a sorcerer, using her ancestry to discover new spells from the Balance subschool, though most of her spells involve Upvote energy rather than downvote energy. She even throws Upvotes at random strangers on occasion when they do something she likes, giving them some additional luck. Many of her personal belongings have an upvote engraved in it somehow, as long as it does not damage the item, and her crossbow bolts are custom made in the shape of an upvote by a local blacksmith named Brick. Even though she does have the power of Downvotes, she uses them only when she is truly displeased, and it usually takes something quite bad to remove Karma's cheery attitude.

Currently, Karma studies in the Ordium Novum chapter in New Saddle as a student, learning more about the arcane mysteries of the world, and to discover the truth of her own ancestry.