The ponies of Equestria come in three varieties: Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns.

Earth Ponies

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Honest and fun loving in nature, the most common type of ponies in Equestria are Earth Ponies. Blessed with a natural affinity towards plants and animals, Earth Ponies make up for their lack of wings and magic with their extreme versatility. From world-class bakers to the most daring explorers of the Everfree Forest, Earth Ponies excel at whatever they put their hearts to. Earth Ponies are tough and dependable, quick to help, fun to be around, and smart as can be. Unable to fly or use magic, Earth Ponies have thrived in Equestria thanks to their ability to specialize in almost any field. With a natural predilection towards being kind and helpful, Earth Ponies often put the needs of others before their own. Never one to leave a friend in need, Earth Ponies are companions that can cut you out of a bind, but know when to cut loose and throw a party.

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Pegasus Ponies


Children of the sky, Pegasi are gifted with the ability to fly. Pegasi relish in their air-found freedom, and a large portion of them have never even set foot on solid ground. Pegasi are very impulsive and in a constant state of flux, keeping nothing the same save for friends. Because of this, many see Pegasi as chasers of fancy and ponies prone to changing sides at a moment’s notice. In charge of weather service, Pegasi are the only ponies able to control the weather, building complex factories and cities high in the clouds, out of the reach of all other races. Despite all this, Pegasi are loyal companions and kind-hearted creatures, traits that are good in any adventurer.

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Unicorn Ponies

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The embodiments of all things magic, Unicorns are a race of intelligent and wise creatures. Unicorns value order and beauty, often finding solace in learning or organizing a team. They are creatures of solitude, often preferring a good book or work in their area of expertise rather than socialize. While most Unicorns use their magic well, and are helpful to the town they live in, a select few see themselves as the superior race, using their power in attempts to control other ponies.

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