Introduction: Near the town of New saddle you find yourself staying at an inn. It has survived the many triffles in the land by merely being in nopony's way. New saddle is a small fishing village nearby. Not many of the earthponies there care much for anything but the next sunrise. You heard word that officers of the equestrian crusades are making a noise and calling all those brave enough to weild a sword under a united banner.

Not much has been seen of these military legends in the past 20 years but if stories hold true they are to be respected.

It is mid spring in New Saddle. The grass keeps it's mildew in the morning and the sky remains clouded over, making sure all remember that it has more rain to give. The weather in these parts is marginaly controlled by pegasi but there being few out of their flying cities the skies do as they please until one passes by.