Star Gazer is a unicorn pony of light blue with a cutie mark of a group of stars. He was orphaned at birth and left at the doorstep of the Stalliongrad Temple of Luna. He was raised by the clerics of luna, accepting him as one of their own. The temple is nearly all the unicorn has known in life. He practiced and studied to learn the divine arts like his caretakers, hoping to be like them one day. He found that healing powers have always came very easy to him, strangly. Why, he did not know, but hoped to maybe find out why if he ever came across his real family.

After many years of sevitude to luna, becoming well accepted amongst the other clerics, and recognized by nearly all who came to the temple, Star Gazer felt a longing that he could not explain. He felt the need to wander, to search out for his parents who left him nearly as soon as he was born. He figured the best way to go about this would be to join up with the Ordinum Aurora. They could assist him with their records and knowledge of the divine to become stronger, and he could assist them with helping other ponies as he discovered his past. He has traveled far across the land, searching for those he can help through these dark times, as well as find any scrap of evidence he could dig up about his parents.