Ruins of the Castle of the Moon, now reclaimed by the Everfree

This forbidding forest once was home to many strange and mysterious creatures; where the plants grew, the clouds moved, and the animals took care of themselves, all on their own.

Now, it harbors fugitives from Equestrian justice, strange voices echo through the air, and the Taint is an ever-present threat.

Points of InterestEdit

Broken Bough, the site of Fluttershy's Ascension on the day of the Eclipse.

Purgatory, a small village of Tainted ponies.

Zecora's Hut, an abandoned tree house in the Zebra style; it is rumored that a powerful zebra alchemist once made her home here.

[... more to come!]

Strange EventsEdit

Those who travel the Everfree, either to trade with some of the encampments of renegades (in open defiance of the law,) or to travel to the Badlands, have reported strange events. Time seems to be fluid within its boundaries, and there are tales of ghosts or worse haunting its dead branches...

[... and when players encounter some, I'll post them here!]