The Griffon Hegemony, or rarely the Griffon Heirarchy, consists of a ruling Master who governs the tributary vassal states, and is assisted by a tribunal of elected advisors. In keeping with the core griffon ethos, ("You keep what you can protect,") these offices are available to any who think themselves worthy. Of course, as griffons are aggressive by nature, they take any position of power very seriously; to be successful in the Hegemony requires one to be an apex predator with low cunning, fierce strength, and a killer instinct. As such, the Harrier's Throne has not changed talons in over thirty years.

The Sundering did not seem to affect griffons, barring the fact that meat has become more prominent in their diet.

In recent years, griffon raids have caused much strife in Equestria, as they've pillaged settlements, stolen crops, and even enslaved ponies, cattle, and other inhabitants of Equestria. These strikes have taken place mostly along the Equestrian-Griffon Hegemony border, but larger sieges have appeared at vulnerable cities, such as Cloudsdale 5 years ago.

Despite the griffon's constant raids, diplomatic relations between Equestrian government and the Hegemony do exist, with embassies in Pisa and Griffus being maintained by the Path of the Pealing Bell. Communications are improving as raids on Equestrian soil become less frequent, but leaders in each of the major cities fear this is a calm before a much darker storm, of which the recent attempted annexation of the Badlands is but the first sign.


Griffon society is divided into three separate castes: the Hunter, the Warrior, and the Guard.


Hunters provide for the community, from actual hunting to creating works of art.


Warriors defend the community, and expand the influence of the Hegemony.


Guards are the service caste. Priests, maintanance workers, healers, scribes, and so on are all Guard caste griffons.

The Royal LineEdit

Gymir - Master of the Harrier's Throne

Garmangabis - First consort of the Throne

Gunnarl - Heir-apparent to the Throne