Ordinum Arcana and Its BranchesEdit

The formor Arcane Sciences Guild, now called the Ordina Arcana, was founded by Twilight Sparkle to research how magic evolved in the years following the Sundering. It has two branches: the Ordinum Novum (Order of Twilight), and the Ordinum Aurora (Order of Dawn).

Ordinum Novum This branch governs research into the effects of arcane magic.

Ordinum Aurora This branch governs research into how divine magic works; it's a new phenomenon, only recently documented and proven post-Sundering.

Both orders have their headquarters in a massive diamond tower in the heart of Canterlot: Sparkle Spire. Each major city, (Fillydelphia, Manehattan, Las Pegasus, and Brushington) has a chapter house for either or both of the Orders.

A practitioner of the Order wears robes that mark their scholastic interests: darker robes for the Ordinum Novum and lighter robes for the Ordinum Aurora. Bands of color around their hems show their specializations and areas of expertise.

A student of either Order is apprenticed to a master until they learn what their Order expects of them. After that, they become itinerant novitiates, traveling the world to find out more about the Sundering, and how magic changed. Most starting magicians will be itinerant novitiates of either the Ordinum Novum or Ordinum Aurora.

Druidic CirclesEdit

Most druidic circles claim Fluttershy as their inspiration, however one particular group follows a far darker path; the Circle of Twisted Brambles. However, information is scarce on these evil druids.